Flame Point Siamese Cats (What to Know Before Getting One)

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Siamese cats are a popular breed because of their beautiful markings and sociable nature. The Flame Point Siamese cat is no exception.


There are different breeds of Siamese cats, including:

  • Flame / Red Point Siamese
  • Seal Point
  • Blue Point Siamese
  • Lilac Point Siamese
  • Chocolate Point Siamese
  • Etc.


The name of each type of Siamese cat refers to the color on their coats of fur, which appears on the points of their bodies (i.e. tips of their ears, tip of their nose, tip of the tail, and paws). Which is where their name comes from.


Flame Point Siamese cats, also known as Red Points, have red-like fur on the tips of their body parts.


They have different names depending on which part of the world you’re in; you may hear them being called a Flame Point Siamese, a Red Point Siamese cat or a Colorpoint shorthair cat with red points. Some people even mistakenly call them Fire Point Siamese cats or Red Tipped Siamese cats.


In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Flame Point Siamese cat and answer all your questions to help you determine if they’re the right breed of cat for you.




The following are some common questions when it comes to the breed of Flame Point Siamese cats.


Siamese and Orange Tabby
A Siamese cat and an orange American Shorthair cat with tabby markings



How are Flame Point Siamese cats bred?

A Flame Point Siamese cat is a crossbreed between a Siamese and an American Shorthair with red fur (more commonly referred to as an orange, ginger, or marmalade tabby).



Are Flame Point Siamese cats considered purebred?

Because a Flame Point Siamese’s parents are both recognized breeds (i.e. one is a Siamese and the other is an American Shorthair), they are considered a purebred.



Are Flame Point Siamese cats rare?

Flame Point Siamese cats are rare, which is likely a simple matter of other breeds of Siamese being more well-known and popular. Because there’s more demand for a purebred Siamese, or a Seal Point Siamese, that’s what breeders focus on. Because there are fewer to purchase, it drives the price of them up.


Are female flame point siamese cats rare? Yes, even more so. Because the “ginger gene” is on the X chromosome, and female cats have two X chromosomes, they need the “ginger gene” on both chromosomes, Whereas, males have XY chromosomes and only need one “ginger gene” to get the orange trait.



Flame Point Siamese Price

The cost of a Flame Point Siamese cat will depend on the breeder, the pedigree of cat, the age of the cat, where you live, etc.


Regular Siamese cats typically cost around $600 – $800. However, going into a more specific breed of Siamese, and a rare breed at that, you’re more likely to have to pay in the range of $800 – $2000.


Of course, you may find a Flame Point Siamese cat for less than that, if you don’t go to a breeder. You may come across one at a shelter or on a classified site, if the previous owner has decided they can no longer care for the cat.


If you’re willing to wait for a Flame Point Siamese to come along, you won’t have to pay as much. However, please don’t go to a “backyard breeder”, who may have lower prices but won’t have as high of standards when it comes to breeding cats and caring for them.



Why are Siamese cats so expensive?

Siamese cats are expensive simply because there’s demand for them and they’re not as readily available as a non-bred cat. They’re a popular breed because of their unique features and characteristics (mainly being how affectionate they are. I mean…who doesn’t love getting loads of love from their cat?).


When you add “Flame Point” on top of that, which is bred less, it makes them even more rare and less available, which drives the cost up even more.



How do I find a Flame Point Siamese cat to buy?

The easiest way to find a Flame Point Siamese cat is to do a simple Google search by combining “Flame Point Siamese” with your city, or the city you’re willing to travel to. For example, one may search “Flame Point Siamese Chicago”.


This will be your fastest route to cats that are available.


You may also search websites that help you find a pet and narrow your search by breed, such as:


You could also create a listing on a classified website like kijiji, stating that you’re looking for a Flame Point Siamese cat so that others can reach out to you.


If you want to purchase a Flame Point Siamese cat directly from a breeder, try adding “breeder” onto your Google search.


You can also check to see if there are any cat associations local to you and see if they have a directory of breeders that are registered with them.



How do I choose the right Flame Point Siamese cat breeder?

It’s important to avoid “backyard breeders” who will offer you a bargain of a price for a purebred cat, but are doing it for the love of money; not for the love of cats. Although you may get the breed of your choice for less money, it’s not worth it in the long run.


A breeder who loves cats will care for them and give them lots of love until they’re adopted by you. You want your future cat to be living in humane conditions and to be well-socialized.


An ethical and reputable breeder will have documentation of all vaccinations and exams, and will likely be registered, which means they’re registered with and recognized by a cat association (e.g. The International Cat Association).


They should definitely have good reviews, testimonials, or references, and be willing to answer all your questions and give you a tour of their place.


Please be cautious of breeders operating online who won’t take phone calls from you, won’t give you a physical address, pressure you to quickly make a decision, or ask for money up front. These are likely a scam and you should conduct thorough research before sending any money.



Why do people love Flame Point Siamese cats so much?

All cats are amazing, sweet animals, but people gravitate towards Siamese cats because they tend to love attention from their owners, and they love to give attention to their owners.


The main reason people may prefer Flame Point Siamese cats specifically, is likely due to their beautiful white and orange coloring, which is rarer.


It may also be the mix of the American Shorthair genes being in there. These cats are also known to be very loving, but a little more laid back. Perhaps the combination of a Siamese and an American Shorthair creates the perfect balance.



How old to Flame Point Siamese cats live to be?

Siamese cats are one of the longer-living breeds. On average, they live to be around 12 – 15 years of age, but that can be shorter or longer, depending on the health of the cat.


In general, to encourage a long healthy life, take them for regular vet visits, feed them a healthy diet, give them lots of play and exercise time, and lots of love and affection (Siamese cats like a lot of attention).





Flame Point Siamese cats typically have white bodies with orange fur on their tips (i.e. ears, nose, tail, and paws). The Himalayan gene is what causes part albinism on the warmer parts of their body, and it’s also responsible for those beautiful blue eyes.


The following are some common questions regarding the physical features of a Flame Point Siamese cat.


Are Flame Point Siamese cross eyed?

Some Flame Point Siamese cats are also adorably cross-eyed. However, “cross-eyed” is not as dominant of a trait as it once was in Siamese cats because breeders deemed the trait less desirable and selectively bred it out. Their nose and paw pads are pink.



Red Point Siamese Cat
A Flame Point Siamese cat



What color of fur do Flame Point Siamese Cats have?

Although the name suggests they may be a red color or flame color, Flame Point Siamese cats really have more of a soft orange color on their tips. Some even refer to their fur color as being apricot or peach colored.


How deep of an orange their fur is and how much orange fur they have will depend on how they were bred, their age, and even the time of year.


Most of their body will be white fur while the points/tips will have orange. Although you can see some Flame Point Siamese cats with orange markings on their bellies and backs.


Some will develop more orange fur than others, which can increase with age and drops in temperature (as explained in the next point).


Orange Tabby Markings
Typical markings of an orange Tabby

Because all orange cats have tabby markings, the American Shorthair side of the breed will introduce some tabby markings in the Flame Point Siamese cat. The more orange fur the Flame Point develops and the deeper color that orange fur gets, the more obvious the tabby markings will be on a Flame Point Siamese cat.


You may see the distinctive tabby marking of an “M” on their forehead, rings of orange around their tail, stripes of orange on their paws, or striping around their eyes.


Both breeds (Siamese and American Shorthair) have short hair. Therefore, the Flame Point Siamese cat has short hair, which is typically a fine, silky coat of fur.



When do Siamese cats stop changing color?

All Siamese cats have a genetic abnormality that causes their fur to change color with a drop in temperature. For this reason, Flame Point Siamese kittens are born all white (because of the warm temperature in the womb).


Once a Siamese cat’s body temperature drops, their fur starts to develop color.


Red Point Siamese Cat
The “red” tips on a Flame Point Siamese cat

So why is most of the color on the tips of their body?


If you think about when you’re out in the cold, the tip of your nose, your ears, your fingertips, and your toes get cold first. It’s similar for a cat, which is why Siamese cats develop the most color around these areas (as well as their tail).


The markings on a Flame Point Siamese cat will begin to develop within the first few months, and continue to develop until they’re a full-grown adult, which is at the age of 2 for Siamese cats.


The pigment of a Siamese cat’s fur changes as the temperature drops, so you’ll see changes in their coat throughout their life.


This means, you may see darker tips on your Siamese in cooler Winter months, and lighter colored fur on their points in the Summer months.



How big do Flame Point Siamese cats get?

Siamese Cat
Typical Siamese cat with slender body

Siamese cats are known for their slender bodies. They have longer bodies, necks, limbs and even their face shape is elongated. However, when you introduce an American Shorthair into the mix, it can add a few pounds.


American Shorthair cats are more heavily muscled than Siamese cats and have more of a rounded shape.


This makes the Flame Point Siamese cat a bit of a heavier cat, with a more rounded head and bodied (when compared to a traditional Siamese cat).


>> Male Flame Point Siamese cats tend to be between 8 – 12 lbs

>> Female Flame Point Siamese cats tend to be 8 lbs and under



Do Flame Point Siamese cats shed?

All cats shed, so yes, Flame Point Siamese cats do shed, but not as much as other cat breeds.


They will shed twice a year as their bodies prepare for cooler weather in the winter and hotter weather in the summer. They will shed more if they’re outdoor cats, since they’ll be exposed to more fluctuations in temperatures and more extreme temperatures.



Are Flame Point Siamese cats hypoallergenic?

No cat is completely hypoallergenic, however, some breeds produce fewer allergens than others.


Cat allergens can come from your cat’s fur, and because Flame Point Siamese cats shed less fur than most cats, they are considered a “hypoallergenic” option.


However, allergens can also come from cat dander (i.e. dead skin, which will shed), saliva, and urine, so Flame Point Siamese cats may still cause some allergy reactions in humans.





The following are common questions related to the personality of a Flame Point Siamese cat.



What is the personality of a Flame Point Siamese cat?

Flame Point Siamese cats closely follow the personality of a traditional Siamese in that they are:

  • High-energy
  • Talkative (meowative?)
  • Intelligent
  • Love attention; they want to give it and receive it


American Shorthair cats are also loving, friendly, and playful cats, which only adds to the affectionate side of the Flame Point Siamese. However, the American Shorthair is more of a laid-back breed than Siamese, so that may bring a slightly calmer demeanor to the Flame Point when compared to traditional Siamese cats.


Many owners compare the personality of their Flame Point Siamese cat to one of a dog. Siamese cats have even been known to win self-professed dog people over, due to their always-by-your-side, loyal nature.


Siamese cats are one of the most talkative breeds, so be prepared for your Flame Point to tell you lots of stories and be very vocal when they want something.


Their need for attention and affection is something that should be strongly considered before adopting a Flame Point Siamese cat. They’ll want plenty of play time, petting, snuggles, and in general your attention. If they’re talking to you, they want you to listen and to interact with them.


It’s also important to remember that cats are individuals, just like humans. Although there are certain personality traits that tend to be more dominant in a breed of cat, like Siamese, not all cats of that breed will have the same personality.


Although Siamese cats, and thus, Flame Point Siamese cats, tend to be affectionate cats by nature, not all of them will be.


Your Flame Point’s personality will depend on their (biological) parents, prior human parents (i.e. their breeder or if they lived in another home prior to you adopting them), and of course, you.



Why do Siamese cats talk so much?

Siamese cats are known for being talkative. Many owners swear their cats know what they’re saying and will answer with a distinctive yes or no meow until you correctly determine what they want. That may be giving them their favorite treats, playing with them, or showing them some affection.


Their talkative nature stems from a few traits:

  • Being social
  • Being intelligent
  • Craving attention


Siamese cats crave that attention and interaction with humans, and meowing is one of the ways they try to get it. They’re also very intelligent and quickly learn that meowing leads to getting more attention and the food, pets, or playtime they want.


Their meowing is their way of telling you they want something. Once the necessities (food and water) are ruled out, some form of love and attention is usually next on the list. It may also be a sign that they’re upset. They may be trying to indicate they’re not happy about the new house guest or your new work hours that are taking time away from them. On a more serious note, they could be trying to let you know that they’re not feeling well and require a vet visit.


You’ll get to know your cats needs and get a better idea of what type of meow at a certain time a day in a particular room of the house means.



Are Flame Point Siamese cats affectionate?

Flame Point Siamese cats are typically very affectionate. It stems from their nature of loving attention.


Of course, bad interactions with humans in the past can affect how affectionate they are.



Do Flame Point Siamese cats get along with other cats?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to that question and stating that all Flame Point Siamese cats will get along with other cats would be incorrect.


In general, Flame Point Siamese cats are loving, affectionate, and friendly, so they typically do get along with other cats.


However, how well your Flame Point Siamese cat gets along with other cats will depend on when the other cat is introduced, the personality of your cat, and the personality of the other cat.


It’s always easiest to introduce two cats, who aren’t from the same litter, at a young age. They’re more likely to be curious of the other cat and quickly adapt to having them around. If your Flame Point Siamese cat is used to ruling the roost, they may not appreciate another cat being introduced to the home and taking attention away from them.


However, you can look into ways to introduce to adult cats (or a kitten and an adult cat) to help increase the chances of them getting along if you’re introducing two cats.


Because Flame Point Siamese cats love attention and have lots of energy, having another cat in the home for them to play with, groom, cuddle, etc. can be good for them. You won’t be able to give your Flame Point Siamese 100% of your time, and as much as us cat owners hate leaving our cats, you will have to leave the home at some point. Two or more cats will keep each other entertained and occupied.



Do Flame Point Siamese cats get along with other humans?

Siamese cats are known to LOVE their owners, but what happens when another human comes into the picture? It depends on the cat, but generally, Siamese are welcoming to other humans in the house.


However, if your Siamese is used to having all of your attention and the new human takes your attention away from them, they may not like it. They could show aggressive behavior towards the “other human” or the cat may change their behavior in general.



Are Flame Point Siamese cats mean or aggressive?

A lot of people believe Siamese cats are mean, perhaps because of the way they’re portrayed in cartoons.


However, Flame Point Siamese cats are not known to be mean. And although they may be assertive, they’re typically not aggressive.


Of course, cats are just like humans; each with their individual personalities. And just as we react a certain way to situations or people, based on past experiences, cats will do the same. If they were raised in a household with owners who used shouting or violence as a “training” technique, they’re likely to be a more aggressive cat than one that was raised in a loving home.


Siamese cats are intelligent so if your cat is developing aggressive behavior, and you’ve ruled out any health issues, you should be able to implement some training to correct the behavior.


There is always a reason for a cat acting out. If your Flame Point Siamese cat is exhibiting mean or aggressive behavior, it may be due to experiences they had before being adopted by you. Or they may be trying to tell you something; like they need more attention or that they’re dealing with pain or discomfort.



Who should NOT get a Flame Point Siamese Cat?

Some pet owners are a better match for Flame Point Siamese cats than others.


Although you may be drawn to Flame Point Siamese cats because of their coloring and markings, it’s important to be sure they’re a fit for your personality, preferences, and lifestyle as well. Both you and the cat must be happy.


If you travel a lot or have a busy lifestyle, which keeps you occupied both inside and outside of the home, it may not be a good match. As you’ll discover in the PERSONALITY TRAITS section of this article, they require a lot of your attention and don’t like to be left home alone.


If you like peace and quiet in your home or work from home and require a quiet environment for phone calls, again, a Flame Point Siamese may not be the best cat for you. It’s also explained in the “PERSONALITY” section of this article, Siamese cats can be Chatty Cathy’s and meow until you figure out what they want and give it to them.


They can become sad and depressed if they don’t get enough attention from you, so above all, you must be sure you’ll be able to dedicate lots of time, love, and attention to your Siamese.




I hope this article has helped you understand Flame Point Siamese cats a little better and determine if they’re a right fit for you 🙂