5 Best High-Sided Litter Boxes (2021)

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There are many high-sided litter boxes on the market but they’re not all created equally. The one that’s the best fit for you and your cat will also depend on other factors, such as the size of your cat, their mobility, your cleaning habits and even the space your keep the litter box. 


This article outlines the top pick overall, as well as other top choices based on your and your cat’s needs.



Top Pick For Best Large High-Sided Litter Box

The best and largest high-sided litter box is: Nature’s Miracle High-sided litter box


If you’d like to see a few more options and details, you’ll find them in this article covering the best high-sided litter boxes for your cat (and what makes them so great).


These boxes will help keep litter in the box and stop it from being kicked up and onto your floors. 


In this article, we’ll look at the best high-sided litter boxes on the market so you have less litter to clean up outside of the littler box.



Best High-Sided Litter Boxes

iPrimio Stainless Steel 12″ 15.5″ 23.5″ 6″ Stainless Steel High
Nature’s Miracle 11″ 18.25″ 23.4″ 5″ Low entry & large size Medium
Litter Genie 10″ – 17.6″ 16″ 22.3″ 6.5″ Integrated handles Medium
Van Ness 8.5″ 15″ 17.5″ 6″ Recycled materials Low
PetFusion 8.1″ 18.1″ 22.5″ 5″ Non-stick Coating High


Price Ranges For A High-Sided Litter Box

Budget ratings are based on the following guidelines:

LOW BUDGET: Under $10

MEDIUM BUDGET: $10 – $30

HIGH BUDGET: $30 – $50


You can purchase a basic high-sided litter box for under $10 (US).


For a litter box with more features, such as handles or non-stick material, you’ll move into $18 – $40 (US) range.


For a long-lasting stainless steel litter box, you’ll be spending over $60 (US).



#1 – BEST LOW ENTRY HIGH-SIDED LITTER BOX: Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

The Nature’s Miracle High-Sided litter box has nice high sides (second highest in our list) that are 11″ tall. The nice thing about this litter box is that it’s also low-entry, which is great for senior cats. 




Height: 11”

Width: 18.25”

Length: 23.4”

Entry Height: 5”

Weight: 1.85 lbs

Material: Plastic

Color: Black



Most loved features

  • Low entry – this litter box has a nice low entry, one of the lowest of other high-sided litter boxes on the market.
  • No grooves – the bottom of the litter box is a smooth surface so litter doesn’t get stuck on ridges.
  • Large size – this litter box is a the biggest overall of the high-sided litter boxes on our top 5 list. Great for larger cats. 



Most disliked features

  • Low entry – this litter box’s entrance height is 5″. Many users complained of the low-entry being too low and allowing litter to spill out. However, in most cases, it seemed the litter box was being filled with too much litter. A litter box should typically have 2 – 3 inches of litter, which leaves the entry opening being 2 – 3 inches above the litter. If your cat likes to dig a lot before going to the bathroom, you may need your litter to be up to 4” deep, which may make the entry opening too close to the top of the litter.
  • Not non-stick – this litter box is made of plastic that many reviewers found easy to clean, however, my experience with litter boxes that aren’t specifically non-stick is the finish slowly dulls and litter eventually sticks to it. 
  • Tapered design – although this box is large, the measurements (18.25”W x 23.4”L) are measuring the top of the pan and including the lip/edging. It tapers to the bottom where the measurements are closer to 12”W x 16”L.





The Litter Genie Litter Box as really high sides with integrated handles. The plastic is flexible so the design of this litter box makes it easy to pick it up and form a bit of a funnel as you pour used litter into a garbage bag. 




Height: 17.6” (on sides) 10” (back)

Width: 16”

Length: 22.3”

Entry Height: 6.5” high

Weight: 1.49 lbs

Material: Plastic

Color: Grey



Most loved features

  • Integrated handles – handles make it easy to pick up the litter box to empty it.
  • Flexible plastic – the plastic is flexible so you can hold the handles in one hand to create a bit of a funnel to pour the litter into the gargbage can, ensure less litter ends up on the floor.
  • Antimicrobial plastic – helps resist germs.
  • Curved base – no nooks and crannies means that litter won’t get stuck in any corners or ridges, making it easy to clean.
  • Unique shape – its rounded shape makes it ideal for smaller spaces.



Most disliked features

  • Thin plastic – although the thin plastic makes it flexible for cleaning, it also makes it easier to crack. The majority of low ratings were due to the plastic cracking.
  • Higher entry – although this litter box is lower in the front, it’s still 6.5” high, which may be too high if you have an older cat with mobility issues.




#3 – BEST SMALL HIGH-SIDED LITTER BOX: Van Ness CP2HS Large High Sides Cat Litter Pan

The Van Ness High Sides Litter Pan doesn’t have the highest sides in the list, but it is the smallest high-sided litter box on our list and does have a price you can’t beat. This makes it a good choice if you want to give a higher-sided litter box a try without spending a lot of money. If you find it cuts down on how much litter ends up outside of the litter box, you can invest in a more expensive litter box with even higher sides.




Height: 8.5”

Width: 15”

Length: 17.5”

Entry Height: 6”

Weight: 1.26 lbs

Material: Plastic (partially recycled materials)

Color: Assorted



Most loved features

  • Price – this litter box is one of the lowest priced high-sided litter boxes on the market.
  • Polished Finish – the plastic is polished so it has a slicker finish which makes it easier to clean, and makes it odor and stain resistant.
  • Recycled content – this high-sided litter box is made from Eco Ness Safe & Green 20% recycled content.
  • Entry height – this high-sided litter box’s entry height is 6”, making it a low entry high-sided litter box. The front entry is an inch higher than the 5” Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box, making it harder for your cat to kick litter out the entry door. The 6” may be too high if you have a senior cat with mobility issues.



Most disliked features

  • Curved edges – the front of the litter box has a curved design, which makes it harder to scrape the sides.
  • Small – this litter box in “Large” measures 15”W x 17.5”L x 8.5”H, which includes the litter box’s lip/edge. It also tapers slightly towards the bottom so many cat owners found this box to be too small. They do offer a “Giant” size as well, which is 17.75”W x 21.25”L x 9”H.
  • Color – this litter box comes in assorted colors, but unfortunately, you don’t get to choose which color you get.




#4 – BEST EXTRA HIGH-SIDED LITTER BOX: iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

This high-sided litter box is made from stainless steel, so it stays rust-free and won’t absorb and odors or stains; it will last you a long time. It also has a detachable enclosure, which make the sides extra high and the highest litter box on our list. 




Height: 12” total (litter stainless steel box is 6” and the detachable enclosure is 6”)

Width: 15.5”

Length: 23.5”

Entry Height: 6”

Weight: 5.3 lbs

Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic

Color: Stainless Steel & grey



Most loved features

  • Stainless Steel – this material makes it durable, rust-free, and won’t absorb any odors or stains.
  • Detachable Enclosure – the litter box on its own is average height, however, the attachment adds another 6” for an extra high sided litter box. You can purchase the litter box on its own, or with the encloser to add extra height.


Most disliked features

  • Heavy – the stainless steel makes this litter box heavier than most. Once you fill it with litter, it can make it a little challenging when it comes time to change the litter.
  • Price – this is one of the more expensive litter boxes due to the stainless steel materials used. However, this litter box will last you a long time, which also makes it more environmentally friendly.
  • Sound – if your litter box is going to be placed in an area of the house that makes it likely you’ll hear your cat scratching, consider the sound their nails will make on stainless steel when their scratching reaches the bottom of the pan. This may not bother many people but is a dealbreaker for some.





The PetFusion litter box has a non-stick coating to prevent litter from sticking to the sides and bottoms. This makes scooping the litter and changing the litter much easier. 




Height: 8.1”

Width: 18.1”

Length: 22.6”

Entry Height: 5”

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Material: ABS Plastic

Color: Slate Gray


Most loved features

  • Non-stick – the non-stick coating reduces sticking up to 70%. It’s also anti-microbial.
  • Curved corners – this feature also helps with cleanup.
  • Durable – this litter box is made of thick, sturdy plastic.



Most disliked features

  • Low – the sides aren’t very high at 8”, which may not be high enough if your cat really likes to kick their litter around.
  • Small – this high-sided litter box tapers towards the bottom and is only 10”W x 15”L at its base.
  • Price – this is on the more expensive side when it comes to plastic litter boxes, but if you hate scrapping dried on litter off your litter boxes, it may be worth the price.





The Petmate Corner Open Litter Pan is on the smaller size, so your cat must be on the smaller size. The sides are 10″ tall, however, if the space is too small for your cat, it doesn’t matter how high the sides are, they’re going to be kicking litter outside of the box. However, this litter box is perfect for small spaces because it will tuck right into a corner.

This litter box didn’t make the top 5 list but it’s worth a mention if you’re short on space and need your litter box to fit into a corner.

The sides are 10” tall, so a decent height, but the overall size may be small, depending on the size of your cat. It’s 26” along the front and 19” on the two sides that go against the wall. The entry height is 5.25”, so it’s on the low side if your cat is messy, but great if you have a senior cat with mobility issues. 

The biggest complaint with this litter box is that it’s a bit small to contain the messes.




If the preceding litter boxes don’t cut it for your high-kicking cat, your best bet may be to make a high-sided litter box. 


You can simply purchase a plastic storage bin and cut an entrance. 


The advantage to making your own high-sided litter box out of a plastic storage bin is that you have a variety of sizes to choose from, and you can position the entrance anywhere you want to make it lower for a senior cat, or in the lid to make a top-entry litter box. 


The disadvantage is that storage bins can be pricier than a basic litter box. You’ll also want to look for one with smooth sides so it’s easy to scrape litter off.


An even cheaper option, is to simply place your existing litter box inside a larger cardboard box. You can cut the top off a box and cut an entry into one of the sides; making a low entry if required. Place the litter box near the back of the box, which will help ensure your cat doesn’t kick litter out the front entry, and more litter will fall off their paws before they step out of the box. 






Cats have a natural instinct to cover their business after they’re done in an attempt to avoid unwanted attention from predators. Although they’re safe from predators in your home, they still follow their natural instincts, which often leads to litter being kicked outside of the litter box, which can then be easily tracked throughout the house. 


A high-sided litter box can help keep more of the litter in the box when they’re digging a new hole or covering a fresh doo-doo. You may also consider a cat litter mat to catch the litter that gets kicked outside the box, so it isn’t tracked throughout the house. And there are several other tips here to reduce litter being tracked outside of the litter box area.


If you’re only dealing with litter outside of the litter box, consider yourself lucky; many cats are “high pee-ers” and will spill some of their urine outside of the box. A high-sided litter box can keep more of that urine within the box.


Even if your cat isn’t necessarily a “high pee-er”, they may still get their messes up the sides of the box. 


In an ideal world, your cat would always center themselves in the litter box so messes stay within the box. However, they’ll often look for the freshest spot in the box, which may be close to an edge. Sometimes this leads to a cat peeing on the side of the litter box, or even spraying outside of it. This is where a high-sided litter box can help keep more of the mess inside. 


If you’re dealing with a cat peeing outside the litter box, try these tips to correct the issue. And these tips if your cat is scratching outside of the litter box.





The following are features and elements you’ll want to consider before buying a high-sided litter box:



Ideally, the litter box you choose should be 1 ½ times as long as your cat.

You may opt for a bigger litter box than your cat needs, in hopes it will keep more litter in the pan, however, keep in mind that larger litter boxes require more litter and can become quite heavy when it’s time to change the litter.

Before you purchase a litter box, check the sizing to ensure it will fit into the corner of the house you plan to keep it and that it won’t be too small for your cat. 



Litter boxes with smooth sides and soft rounded corners make it easier to scrape litter out. A litter scooper will be difficult to get into sharp corners, or divots, edges, ridges, etc.


Look for litter boxes with smooth shapes that are easy to maneuver a pooper scooper around, making it easier to clean.




If you have a senior cat, or cat with mobility issues, check the height of the entrance.


As your cat ages, they become less agile and may even deal with issues like arthritis. Stepping in and out of a litter box may be difficult for them if the sides are too high. That difficulty may deter them from using the litter box altogether and you may start finding them doing their business next to the litter box. 


Look for a litter box that has a low entry and high sides, which will make it easier for your cat to go in and out. 



Covered / Uncovered

If you’re concerned about odors, you may want to look into covered litter boxes. These have the best of both worlds with high sides 

The downside of a covered litter box is that you’re unable to see when the litter box needs to be cleaned. So if you’re not in the habit of cleaning the litter box every day, you may end up letting it go too long between cleanings. 


It also traps more odors inside the litter box, which is nice for you, but not so nice for you cat. Cat’s sense of smell is much more sensitive than humans, so a smelly litter box may encourage them not to use it. 


If you stay on top of your daily cleanings and weekly litter changings, this won’t be a problem.

A covered litter box may not be the best option if you have a larger cat. They need to have room to move around and they need enough headspace when they squat to do their duty.


Once you fill your litter box with a sufficient amount of litter, it will be heavy. You must pick that litter box up each week to dump out the old litter, so you want to be sure your high-sided litter box is made from quality material so it doesn’t crack under pressure. 

Another feature to look for is non-stick material. Messes will get on the sides of the litter box and when mixed with a clumping litter, will harden and stick to the box, making it hard to get clean.





The following are some common questions regarding litter boxes:


How much litter should I put in a high-sided litter box?

Generally, litter boxes should have 2 – 3 inches of litter to ensure your cat can dig and won’t hit the bottom. Here’s a full guide on how much litter to put in your litter box, depending on the type of litter you use, and why it’s important to get it right.



How often should I scoop the litter box?

You should be scooping your cat’s litter box daily, maybe even more if you have multiple cats or a cat with higher water intake.


It’s important to keep the litter box clean for your cats to keep them happy and going inside the box. You wouldn’t want to go to the washroom next to your 2-day old feces; your cat doesn’t want to either. Here’s a guide to help you properly scoop, change, and clean the litter box, and what to do if your cat starts pooping outside the litter box.



How often should I change the litter?

How often you throw out all the litter and fill the box with new stuff with depend on the type of litter you use; please read the litter’s guidelines for correct frequency. Generally, litter should be completely replaced every 1 – 3 weeks. Here’s more information about changing cat litter.



How do I dispose of litter?

The most common and safe way to dispose of cat litter is to throw it out with the trash. There’s a guide here explaining reasons you should never flush litter down the toilet, even if it’s flushable litter, and ways you may be able to compost litter (but the safe way).



What should I use to clean the litter box?

Vinegar and water is the best and most natural solution to clean your litter box. You never want to use bleach, toxic cleaners, or cleaners with strong smells.


The more frequently you wash your litter box (ideally with each litter change), the less likely odors are to stick to the pan, which means you won’t have to replace your litter box as often. You’ll find more information here about properly scooping, changing, and cleaning the litter box.



How do I clean the litter box?

The easiest way to clean your high-sided litter box is to take it to take it outside and use an outdoor hose.


However, weather doesn’t always permit you to clean the litter box outside, in which case, the next best option is to use the bathtub. There will be a lot of litter dust residue left on the litter box so you want to keep that away from your floors, walls, or kitchen counter tops.


A simple dish scrubbing brush like this one is perfect for scrubbing the inside of a litter box and getting all the residue off and out of the corners and ridges. Just be sure to mark the bush as “for the litter box” so someone doesn’t end up using it on dishes. 


Use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the litter box down once it’s clean. You want it to be completely dry before putting litter in it again; if it’s clumping litter and the inside of the box is still wet, you’ll have a bigger mess to clean up next time after the litter has dried to the sides and bottom.



How many litter boxes do I need?

The rule of thumb is to at least give each cat in your home its own litter box, but it’s suggested one for every cat, plus one extra. This ensures they always have a clean washroom to use, even when you forget to scoop one day.




I hope this list has been helpful to you in deciding which high-sided litter box is right for you and your cat 🙂