How Does Litter Genie Work? (Video & Simple Guide)

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How Does a Litter Genie WorkLitter Genie is a container specifically designed to hold dirty kitty litter and reduce odors in your home.


It’s offered as the original Litter Genie, Litter Genie Plus, and Litter Genie XL. You can discover the differences between each and which is right for you in this article. You may even consider using a Diaper Genie for cat litter if you happen to have one leftover from your child’s diaper phase.


This article will explain how each Litter Genie works.




The Litter Genie, Litter Genie Plus, and Litter Genie XL all work in the same way. It is a canister that has a funnel system with a divider that opens and closes to temporarily seal the plastic liner and trap odors inside.



Cat Litter Genie Video

Here is a Litter Genie disposal system video to help show how it works and how easy it is to set up.




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The benefit of using a Litter Genie, Litter Genie Plus, or Litter Genie XL (or Litter Champ (here’s the comparison), or even a Diaper Genie (here’s the comparison)) is that you don’t have to make a trip to the outdoor trash can each day to remove the smell of cat litter waste from your home.


The canister does a good job of trapping odors inside.


Each Litter Genie works with a cartridge that holds the plastic liner. The Litter Genies don’t use bags, but rather it’s a long tube of 7-layer plastic (that stops odors from escaping).


Litter genie bag


To create a bag, you simply tie a knot at the bottom. When the canister is full, or when you’re ready to take out the trash, you can simply use the attached cutter to cut the plastic liner off where you need to. Tie a knot at the top of the “bag” and toss it in the trash.


When you scoop litter each day, lift the lid to the Litter Genie, drop the waste inside and close the lid.


Once the lid is closed, you can pull on the divider so the waste funnels to the bottom part of the canister. When you let the divider go, it slides back into place and temporarily seals the plastic bag, and keeps the odors in.




The canister opens in the middle to give you access to the plastic bag.


You simply push in the tab found at the front of the canister, about halfway down, and tilt the top half of the canister back.


Now you can grab the plastic liner above the waste and pull down to release more of the plastic (enough so you will be able to tie a knot above the waste once you cut the plastic.


The upper part of the canister has a built-in cutter; run the plastic liner through it and it will cut the bag off where needed, so there’s less waste.




To change the refill on any of the Litter Genies, you simply peel away the cartridge’s tab to expose the plastic liner.


Find the start of the plastic liner and evenly pull on it to create a tube. The plastic liner dispenses from the top of the cartridge, so you must push the liner down through the center of the cartridge before setting the cartridge in the top of the canister.


To place the cartridge in the top of the canister, you must first open the lid and pull the “funnel” piece up/back (this is a plastic ring that sits between the lid and the canister).

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There are a few options that have come on the market for Litter Genie refills, that are cheaper than the brand name:


If you have a Litter Genie XL (here’s the difference between the styles), be aware that some customers stated the lid wouldn’t fully close when using these refills in their XL version.


Pull the divider back and push the plastic liner down into the bottom half of the canister. Close the lid and open the top half of the canister. Grab the plastic liner, tie a knot in the bottom, and release enough plastic liner from the cartridge so the knot will sit on the bottom of the canister.


All versions of the Litter Genie come with a pooper scooper and a pooper scooper holder that hooks onto the side of the canister.


You can use a different litter scoop if you prefer a larger one, but it may not fit in the holder. However, you can use a Command hook with the sticky backing, like these ones. Attach it to the side of your Litter Genie and hang your litter scoop on the hook.




You empty the Litter Genie whenever the dirty kitty litter fills up to the funnel’s divider.


You must be able to close the divider to seal the cat litter odors in, so you can’t fill the entire container with dirty kitty litter.


You can also empty the Litter Genie before the container is full, without wasting any plastic liner. Because you’re able to set the size of the bag by cutting it off where you need to and tieing a knot to close the bag, you can empty the Litter Genie on garbage day, even if it’s not full.




The Litter Genie refills have 14 feet of plastic liner and last about two months when scooping for one cat. There is only one type of refill, which fits all versions of the Litter Genie (original, Plus, and XL).



I hope this article has helped explain how a Litter Genie works 🙂