Sustainably Yours Cat Litter Large Grains (Benefits)

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Sustainably Yours cat litter is my favorite cat litter to use. You can read all the reasons why here, as well as the pros and cons. One of the few cons the litter has is that it tracks really easily. This is why PetFive has come out with a “large grains” version of the litter.


Let’s take a look at how it compares to their original formula.



large grainsTracking

I found that Sustainably Yours cat litter does track more than traditional clay litter. I haven’t been able to find Sustainably Yours Large Grains litter in my area yet, but when I do, I’ll give it a try so I can see how it compares to the regular Multi-cat formula with smaller granules.


I’m currently using their “Multi-Cat” formula (not Multi-Cat Plus) and this has a mix of smaller and larger granules to get the best of both worlds; less tracking but faster clumping.


I will say that the majority of the litter I find outside the box, which sometimes tracks across the room, is the smaller sand-like granules.


So I’m hopeful a formula with only the larger clay-like granules (size-wise) will track very little.





Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Large Grains cat litter is approximately $1 more per bag than Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat cat litter and is the same price as Multi-Cat Plus cat litter.


Of course, the price you pay will depend upon where you buy it. You can check the current price of Sustainably Yours cat litter – Large Grains, here:

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This brand of litter is more expensive than traditional clay litter, however, it has many perks. The most important feature, that makes the extra cost worth it for me and many other cat owners, is its natural ingredients that are safe for you, your cat, and the environment. Read about how safe it is here.




Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat formula clumps very fast and forms solid clumps. The “Large Grains” formula has larger granules, which means the litter doesn’t clump quite as fast as their regular formula.




I love that Sustainably Yours cat litter is made with just two ingredients: corn and cassava. PetFive’s new larger grained formula is no different. It simply has larger granules and a different ratio of corn vs cassava.




Because the ingredients are the same as the original formula, Sustainably Yours Large Grains has the same light off-white color.


This makes it easier to spot color changes in your cat’s urine (and even feces). We noticed a small amount of blood in our kitten’s urine right away and were able to get him to the vet clinic and keep an eye on the issue. We likely wouldn’t have noticed the blood had we been using clay litter.




Since the litter granules aren’t as small, you may even find the large grain formula produces even less dust than the Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat formula. I don’t notice any dust when pouring or scooping this brand of litter. It’s a nice change from clay litter.



Environmentally Friendly

The large grain formula has all the same environmentally friendly perks as the original Sustainably Yours formula. It’s made from natural, renewable, and biodegradable ingredients.




If you’re not sure Sustainably Yours is right for you and your cat, you may want to read more about how to choose the right cat litter.