Litter Locker vs. Litter Genie (which is worth your money?)

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Litter Locker vs. Litter Genie; which is the better option? Both the LitterLocker and the Litter Genie are disposal systems for cat litter waste. The multi-closure and bag system work to trap litter odors in the container. 


You scoop dirty litter into the top section of the canister, close the lid, then pull the lever back, so waste drops into the bottom of the canister. 


When the lever is released and in a closed position, it temporarily seals the bag to keep odors, dust, and bacteria in the canister. 


This closure system means you can scoop litter multiple times a day and week without having to take the dirty waste out to the trash can. The canister contents won’t smell up your home because of the 2-part lid system and multi-layer plastic trap odors. 


These waste disposal systems are great for people living in small apartments. 


In small spaces, it’s even more important to scoop the litter box multiple times a day to keep litter box odors at bay. 


When waste sits in the litter box for longer than a few hours, not only is it unsanitary for you and your cat, the odors are also able to waft through your home. 


If you can scoop shortly after your cat uses the litter box and place it in a LitterLocker or Litter Genie, the containers will seal in the odors until you can make a trip to the trash chute or dumpster bin.



Is LitterLocker the same as Litter Genie?

LitterLocker is not the same as Litter Genie. LitterLocker and Litter Genie are both cat litter disposal systems but have several differences. 


They both work to trap odors inside the canister and use a similar bag system. And they both have a two-compartment container and a lever system. However, the LitterLocker and Litter Genie are different shapes and colors, and have slightly different designs.


Litter Genie is sold and distributed in the USA. LitterLocker is Litter Genie’s Canadian counterpart. 



LitterLocker vs. Litter Genie Cost

It’s a bit hard to compare prices because Litter Genie is made and sold in the USA and LitterLocker is its Canadian counterpart. So it’s expensive for a Canadian to purchase a Litter Genie and vice versa. 


In Canada, a LitterLocker is around $25

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In the USA, a Litter Genie is around $17

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If you were to convert USD to CAD or vice versa, the Litter Genie is cheaper by a couple of dollars. 


LitterLocker also has a Plus model, which is $2 – $3 more (depending on where you purchase). The only benefit to the Plus model is an all-white canister. It’s designed to add decorative fabric sleeves to spruce up the container. But the regular model and plus model are the same size. So as long as you don’t mind the grey lever and lid, you can add fabric sleeves to your regular model and save a couple of bucks. 


Litter Genie offers 3 different models: regular, plus, and XL. Plus has “added antimicrobial” to reduce bacteria and odors. XL is a taller canister, so you can go longer between having to change the bag. 


I’ll be comparing the base models of each in this article.



LitterLocker vs. Litter Genie Refill Cost

Again, because Litter Genie is mainly distributed in the US and LitterLocker in Canada, it’s hard to compare pricing. 


In Canada, LitterLocker refills cost approximately $6.99/refill

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In the USA, Litter Genie refills cost approximately $7.50/refill

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You can save money on refills by purchasing multi-packs, signing up for a subscription (so refills are automatically shipped each month), or purchasing a generic refill.


The refills are designed to last the same time for both LitterLocker and Litter Genie; 8 weeks. Although LitterLocker doesn’t share the exact length of plastic inside a refill, it’s most likely the same as a Litter Genie refill; 14 feet of plastic. 


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LitterLocker vs. Litter Genie Size

LitterLocker is 9.5” x 9.4” x 17.6”


Litter Genie is 9.5” x 8.5” x 17”


You can see by the picture, there’s not much difference when it comes to size. The extra 1.5″ the LitterLocker has doesn’t have much of an impact on how much each unit can hold. 

LitterLocker versus Litter Genie



LitterLocker vs. Litter Genie Capacity

Although the LitterLocker and Litter Genie are slightly different sizes, it’s not a big enough difference to impact how much dirty litter they hold. 


The space below the lever is where the waste sits. As you can see in the photos, the levers are pretty close in height, and both units have about 1 foot of space below the lever.


Both levers slant down towards the back of the container to help waste slide into the bottom of the canister when the lever is opened. It appears they have a similar degree of slant and an equal amount of space below the lever.



LitterLocker vs. Litter Genie Bag Cartridge

The refill cartridges for the LitterLocker and Litter Genie are the same shape and size. Both systems use a plastic tube that can be cut to any size. Simply tie a knot at the bottom of the tube to start a new bag and a knot at the top to seal a full bag.


Both the LitterLocker and the Litter Genie use multi-layered plastic for the bag systems to help trap odors and bacteria inside. 


LitterLocker offers “multi-layer bags” with “Air-Seal technology”. 


Litter Genie has a “7 layer bag with barrier technology”.


LitterLocker’s website states the bags are 5-layer. Litter Genie did have a 5-layer bag but has been touting a 7-layer bag more recently. 


I don’t notice a difference between the two systems in terms of one trapping odors better than the other. Once the dirty litter is inside either our LitterLocker or Litter Genie, I don’t smell it. 


The bag refill cartridge will last 2 months/8 weeks for one cat for both systems. 


But of course, the length of time varies depending on how many cats you have, how much waste they produce, what type of litter you use, etc. 


LitterLocker doesn’t state how long the plastic film inside the cartridge is, but it’s most likely the same, or very close to, Litter Genie’s (since the refill cartridges are almost identical and interchangeable. 


Litter Genie states there is 14 feet of plastic in each cartridge. So it’s likely the LitterLocker cartridges are the same. 


There is approximately 1 foot of space below the lever in both canisters, using 1 foot of plastic for each bag. But you need more plastic to tie a knot in the bottom and top of each bag. I would say you need about 1.5 feet of plastic for each bag.


When we only had one LitterLocker we needed to change the bag once per week. The amount of plastic needed for one full bag, and the suggestion that a cartridge lasts 8 weeks, seems pretty accurate to me. 


If you divide 14 feet of plastic by 8 (changes), that’s 1.75 feet of plastic for each bag. 



LitterLocker vs. Litter Genie Color, Shape & Scoop

LitterLocker is white with grey lid, lever, and scoop. The LitterLocker Design Plus is white without any grey accents. You can purchase fabric sleeves to add patterns and designs to the bottom part of the container. 


Litter Genie is a dark grey with a black lid, lever, scoop, and scoop holder. 


Both LitterLocker and Litter Genie are similar shapes. The most obvious difference is the top of the canisters. The LitterLocker is higher in the back, and the lid slopes down towards the front. The Litter Genie has a flat top.


LitterLocker vs Litter Genie size


Both the LitterLocker and Litter Genie come with a litter scoop and scoop holder that attaches to the side of the canister. Both litter scoops are the same size. 



Can you use LitterLocker refill in Litter Genie?

Yes, you can use a LitterLocker refill in the Litter Genie, and vice versa. The refill cartridges are the same size and shape and will fit both systems. However, you cannot use a LitterLocker ii refill in a Litter Genie. 


Can you use a Litter Locker refill in Litter Genie




LitterLocker and Litter Genie are comparable products that are equally effective at trapping litter odors inside the container. 


Which one you should purchase comes down to your location. 


I’m in Canada and purchased both a LitterLocker and a Litter Genie to compare them. 


I paid significantly more for the Litter Genie than I did the LitterLocker. 


If you live in the US, you will pay significantly more for a LitterLocker, so a Litter Genie is your better option.


Since they are such comparable systems, the one that’s best for you is the easiest and cheapest to purchase. 



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